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Parkamo signs Katharina Wagner as CEO and lands Major deals

October 9th, 2020|Comments Off on Parkamo signs Katharina Wagner as CEO and lands Major deals

The Parking aggregator Parkamo appoints mobility expert, Katharina Wagner, as CEO - signs major agreements with large Nordic parking garage operator, major parking technology providers in Germany as well as renown parking infrastructure provider in [...]

Parkamo sponsors T3 Motorsport

September 1st, 2020|Comments Off on Parkamo sponsors T3 Motorsport

Getting ready for the Green race in the German GTC race circuit together with T3 Motorsport. Parkamo climate compensates all cars during the racing weekend. 100 trees are planted compensating for 13.25 ton CO2 or [...]

How can parking be Green?

August 15th, 2020|Comments Off on How can parking be Green?

When you think about parking you probably think about cars, traffic and maybe pollution. We think about climate compensation and planting trees! When we launched Parkamo we wanted to change the conservative parking business from [...]

Introducing Parkamo Green Parking

August 12th, 2020|Comments Off on Introducing Parkamo Green Parking

The worlds first climate compensated parking! Green Parking is done in cooperation with Swedish based Klimatkompensera.se which will secure that the money will go directly to Gold Standard project such as solar energy in India and [...]

Parkamo needs you

May 28th, 2020|Comments Off on Parkamo needs you

You might wonder how we get information about all parkings in the app? We get it from you! Every time you use Parkamo you are fetching data about the nearby parkings from the different providers. [...]

Launching Openparking.eu

March 7th, 2020|Comments Off on Launching Openparking.eu

Open Parking Europe (OPE) is an initiative launched in 2020 by Parkamo GmbH to promote a more open, green and cooperative european parking market. We believe the customers should have pan-european, easy access to price [...]

Parkamo Green Parking

worlds first climate compensated parking

Parkamo Green Parking is the world’s first parking app that includes climate compensation. For each parking you do with us you will help the environment. Green Parking is done in cooperation with Swedish based Klimatkompensera.se which will secure that the money will go directly to Gold Standard project such as solar energy in India and tree planting in Panama. Green Parking is valid on all parkings but on parkings marked with a green P we will boost this even more and compensate for 20km of driving.

Easily find the cheapest parking

and provider at your location

Have you ever used price comparison sites to find the cheapest product? With Parkamo you can finally do the same for parking. When using Parkamo we will show you nearby parkings with a simple $-sign rating.
If there are multiple parking providers at one parking we will do the same for each provider and show you which one is the cheapest! After choosing, you login* once with your account from that provider and can start/stop/prolong your parking from the Parkamo app.
* You need to have their app installed and a valid account for each provider

Peer2Peer Parking

via Private Hosts

Already renting out your apartnemt with AirBnB? Start renting out your parking space in the same way with Parkamo. It’s like AirBnB for parking. Start making extra money on your parking space while you are not using it. It’s easy, free and only takes 5 minutes. We make regular payouts on a monthly basis.
Add your space to Parkamo and print out any of our Parkamo signs below. Put it up and let people know they can park in the space easily using an app. Perfect for tourists visiting your city!

Sign #1
Sign #2
Sign #3
Sign #4
Sign #5

Parkamo features

Download Our

Mobile App

Our native Android and iOS apps will help you to easily get trough the whole parking and payment process with just a few intuitive clicks. The apps are lightweight, fast and built on the best design principles to keep the user experience at a maximum level. The combination of one-click start and stop parking along with the GPS info make the parking convenient and fun to use.

Partner with Us

Join the next generation parking partner! Parkamo offers a competitive and fully integrated mobile parking- and payment solution to you and your customers.

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Drop us a line and we will contact you for further request for information. Private as well as public operators are welcome to contact us!

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