How can parking be Green?

//How can parking be Green?

How can parking be Green?

When you think about parking you probably think about cars, traffic and maybe pollution. We think about climate compensation and planting trees! When we launched Parkamo we wanted to change the conservative parking business from the ground up. First we decided to gather all parkings in one app and let the user compare prices (yes – same parking can cost you up to 25% more if you choose the wrong parking provider…).

Next step was to make parking green. Together with Swedish we launched Parkamo Green Parking – the worlds first climate compensated parking. The idea is simple – for each parking you do we sponsor a certified project at If you park at our parkings marked with a green P we boost this even more and compensate for your estimated driving to the parking (20 km).

So there are all the good reasons to use Parkamo – we will show you the best price and plant trees! And off course the convenience of parking with an app, instead of using cards or (god forbid) cash in machines.
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