Park & Plant Trees

Park & Plant Trees

Build a house, get a kid, plant a tree… Those are supposed to be the life goals, at least for some of us. Now we don’t know about the first two, but it will be so easy for you to reach the third goal by simply using Parkamo for every parking in future.

With Parkamo Green Parking you are collecting Green Points with every parking ticket through our app!

1 point for every parking with a connected Parking-App, such as Easypark, Parkster, PaybyPhone or others,

5 points for every parking in one of our Parkamo partner garages marked with a Green P on the map in the app,

And for every 350 points collected a new tree is planted.

Our new Reward Tree Feature

With the newly launched Tree Reward feature you can now track your personal progress on planting that little forest. Simply go to Menu (3 lines in the bottom left corner of the app) and click on GREEN PARKING.

But don’t worry, even if it takes some time for you to reach 350 points yourself, all the points in the Parkamo community are thrown into a basket to plant as many trees as possible. And up to now the Parkamo community has planted over 200 trees!

How do we do that?

We sum up all the points collected for a year and donate the accumulated amount to our partner organisation They take care of allocating the money to Gold Standard Certified projects, like planting trees in Panama. You can find out more about klimatkompensera here and Gold Standard Projects here.

Your tree is already growing!

Green Points have been assigned to every user for every parking they have taken up to now through Parkamo. Check out how many points you have already collected and start planting trees with every parking!

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