Parkering Göteborg now live in Parkamo

//Parkering Göteborg now live in Parkamo

Parkering Göteborg now live in Parkamo

Earlier this year we announced our planned cooperation with Parkering Gothenburg. And today, after a few hard weeks of work in both teams we are very happy to launch the booking integration of Parkering Göteborg within our Parkamo app.

Drivers looking for a parking spot can now either search and book the parking via the municipality’s Parkering Göteborg, or use Parkamo instead, which is the only additional parking app available on the city’s streets.

Visitors to the city can especially benefit by using the new app, as they get access to additional local intelligence available through Parkamo:

Visitors, who don’t know their way around Göteborg will strongly benefit from Parkamo’s Find & Park feature. When looking for a parking spot, they can find out which streets are best to find free parking. Parkamo collaborates with one of the world’s biggest data providers to make real-time predictions of parking availability. This not only helps to save time and stress of finding a parking spot, but also helps reduce emissions caused by unnecessary parking search traffic.

Once a spot is found, the Parkamo app will show the users whether a parking ticket is needed. Drivers can now create an account with Göteborg Parkering, connect it to Parkamo, and start and manage their parking tickets directly through the Parkamo app.

Additionally to on-street parking Parkamo users have access to off-street parking garages through the connection of other parking apps, or through Parkamo’s direct parking garages at Parkman facilities. In short, wherever people might want to park, they will find it in Parkamo and will be able to book and to end their parking tickets directly through the app. And on top, every parking is climate compensated by Parkamo, helping growing trees each time you park.

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