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In some cities (mainly in Germany) it is required to place a sign into your car stating that you are using a mobile app to pay for the parking ticket. You can use any sign, or our parking vignette which you can download here:

Get Parking Vignette

Currently you need to display a sign/vignette in your car only in the following cities:

  • Bergisch Gladbach

  • Berlin

  • Bernkastel-Kues

  • Bingen

  • Castrop-Rauxel

  • Detmold

  • Dortmund *

  • Frankfurt am Main *

  • Hanau

  • Kiel

  • Köln

  • Lemgo

  • Lübeck

  • Mainz

  • Potsdam

  • Wiesbaden *

* Please note that in those cities hand-written notes are not accepted. Please use the official vignette.

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